10th grade schedule for the rest of the year

Here is your schedule for May – email with any questions! Remember there can be a reading quiz any day, so always be prepared. Your study guide questions are due the same day the reading is due.

The last day for 10th graders to turn in late work for 50% credit is Friday, May 20.

Monday 5/2: Discuss Ch 9-11 To Kill a Mockingbird; Read Ch 12-13

Tuesday 5/3: Discuss Ch 12-13; Read Ch 14-15

Wednesday 5/4: Discuss Ch 14-15; Read Ch 16

Thursday 5/5: Discuss Ch 16; Read Ch 17-20 for Monday

Friday 5/6: Vocab Log due; Independent Reading

Monday 5/9: Discuss Ch 17-20; Read Ch 21-23

Tuesday 5/10: Discuss Ch 21-23; Read Ch 24-26

Wednesday 5/11: Discuss Ch 24-26; Read Ch 27-31

Thursday 5/12: Discuss end of book. Get essay topic.

Friday 5/13: To Kill a Mockingbird test; Independent Reading

Monday 5/16: Work on essay

Tuesday 5/17: Work on essay

Wednesday 5/18: Work on essay

Thursday 5/19: Essay due at start of class; get book trailer assignment and start working on it

Friday 5/20: Work on book trailer. All late work must be turned in for 50% credit today.

Monday 5/23: Work on book trailer

Tuesday 5/24: Work on book trailer

Wednesday 5/25: Book trailers due at start of hour; watch them in class

Thursday 5/26: Last day of school!


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10th grade update: 4/26-4/29

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Discuss Ch 1-3; read Ch 4-6

Wednesday: Discuss 4-6; Read Ch 7-8 (2nd hour pop quiz)

Thursday: Discuss Ch 7-8; Read Ch 9-11 for Monday (6th hour pop quiz)

Friday: Independent Reading. Remember to read through Ch 11 for Monday!

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10th grade: Week of 4/18-4/21

Monday 4/18: Heritage project due! Turn it in. Notes on To Kill a Mockingbird

Tuesday 4/19: Scottsboro Boys – video, notes

Wednesday 4/20: Scottsboro Boys – video, notes

Thursday 4/21: Begin reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Read Chapters 1-3 for Tuesday; be prepared for a quiz!

Friday 4/22: No school.

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10th grade: Week of 4/11-4/15

Researching Your Past

Click on the link above to access the Heritage project assignment sheet.

Monday: Reading test prep

Tuesday: Mandatory project check-in; students who have not completed most of their project will be on the deficiency list tomorrow.

Wednesday: Work on project

Thursday: Work on project

Friday: Independent Reading; Vocab Log due

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10th grade: Week of 4/4-4/8

This week we will be preparing for the 10th grade state reading test. There is no homework associated with the test prep, but if you are absent, you need to come in before or after school to make up the practice tests we take during class.

At home, you need to be working on your heritage project. We will have a check-in on Wednesday to see where you’re at, and you will earn points based on your progress. Have you made your family tree? Started to research a country from which your ancestors came? Chosen an elderly relative to interview and developed questions? This is where you should be at on Wednesday.

Friday: Vocab Log 3-4 due (pale yellow color) and Independent Reading

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10th grade: 3/28-4/1

Monday 3/28: Poems due; share and turn in; learn about heritage project

Tuesday 3/29: Share late poems; watch “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Wednesday 3/30: Get essays back; watch WDYTYA

Thursday 3/31: Field trip to BL

Friday 4/1: Independent Reading; vocab log due

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10th grade: 3/21-3/25

Monday 3/21: Work on essays

Tuesday 3/22: Work on essays

Wednesday 3/23: Snow Day

Thursday 3/24: Essay due at start of hour (was really due yesterday); read “Where I’m From Poem” and write your own; due Monday

Friday 3/25: Independent Reading; vocab log due

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